There’s an old tradition of learning to be an artist by copying the masters. Recently I was inspired by a couple of Walt Bartman’s works to create some landscapes of my own. The first was one of his famous barn paintings. This was my first time working on board rather than canvas, which made it much easier to blend well.


Using walnut alkyd greatly assisted in the blending process by keeping the paint more fluid.

I strove to keep the sky calm and thus very well-blended, while keeping the foreground more choppy with greater movement.


Each aspect – foreground flowers, orange outbuilding, purple barn, overall tree-line, and smaller trees at right horizon – served as stops to both move a viewer’s eye around the entire piece while also keeping it on the piece. 


I’ve learned a heck of a lot already with just this piece, and am excited to continue on in this practice of learning from the masters. Stay tuned to see which ones I copy next!!