The opportunity to watch an artist work is not to be missed! It’s such a wealth of information to actually see how an artist creates their pieces. 


The Principle Gallery recently hosted a solo show and demo by Jeremy Mann. His work is either figurative or cityscapes as you see here. Actually they are almost abstract. 


For these works, he uses very large squeegee rollers and flat objects to scrape the paint. No brushes. 


His palette is limited to only 5 paint colors: Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue, Black, Titanium White and Yellow.


A large goblet of red wine is essential to his art-making process too!


Oh, and obviously the right music sets the mood.


Mr Mann asserts that the type of music an artist listens to while creating is represented in their work. For example, “artists listening to NPR while they work are likely making careful, deliberate art; whereas those with loud, big classical or rock music are making looser, expressive art.” 


What is essential to YOUR art-making process? Or any process for that matter… share in a blog comment below!!