We all have to get up to speed with new technology pretty regularly these days. Sometimes it’s just a garden-variety upgrade; but other times something has gone radically wrong or even broken.


I don’t know about you, but I keep my old tech around just in case. Even if it’s broken. Weird, I know. Thankfully I’ve never actually needed it, and but somehow felt safer having it present while getting used to my new phone or computer.


Then of course, it is promptly forgotten about there on the shelf as my new pieces came fully online. Consequently a little pileup of old machines has collected. Just chilling on my bookshelf. Certainly someday I’d use them for something, I kept telling myself. It would come to me eventually. 


These little collections of items around the house need a bit of self-management so as to not get out of hand. Such as a “if you haven’t used this in 1 year, give it away or throw it out” policy. But when inspiration strikes, I’m sure glad they are there!


Recently there seemed to be a real spate of emails not actually sent (later found in my outbox), calls being missed or dropped, and software glitches going on for me. Super frustrating! Seemed like a serious communication breakdown, no matter what system I was using.


It was during a moment of sheer frustration that I randomly remembered my little pile of old tech squirreled away somewhere, and knew exactly what I was going to do with them!


As you can see in this piece, aptly titled “Communication Breakdown”, I basically took out all my frustration at the current situation on these old pieces. Yeah, so I smashed them with a hammer. It felt great!


But cathartic as it was to release that pent-up energy, I realized there was something more that I needed to actually express here. So I grabbed a canvas, some paint and a lot of strong glue. And channeled this energy sourced from frustration into creativity by shaping and forming it into a piece of art. A profoundly satisfying experience!


Have you ever created something beautiful that started from a very different energetic place, say of frustration, despair or anger? If so, share your story in a blog comment below!






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