This piece was a long time coming. Years really, if I trace it all the way back: my Mum used to greet us little ones with a super cheerful “Rise and Shine” every morning.  


Apparently the earliest reference to “rise and shine” goes all the way back to the King James Bible in Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”


And the earliest use of the actual phrase “rise and shine” can be found in a book of religious observations The Testimony of William Erbery, 1658, “They shall so rise and shine, that the glory shall rise upon them.” Such a wonderful way to greet the day, right?  


A bit more practical version comes from the US Marines and British Army, where soldiers were expected to “rise and shine” their boots each morning. 


I guess this is where my Mum’s reference was coming from because she usually threw in a “wake-wakey” too, which often preceded the British Army’s “rise and shine”. Though surely her version was a lot more cutesy than theirs!


But regardless of it’s origin – and perhaps inclusive of all of them – it’s long been a phrase I’ve felt connected with. Which brings us back around to this Rise and Shine painting. Cause frankly, why bother to create something that I’m not feeling through and through?


Ok so the words and meaning have been bouncing around in my mind for some time now. What about the actual work of art? 


In terms of time, probably a few months from start to finish. In terms of process, well that’s not usually linear. The very large canvas size – my first big one! – took some getting used to and was just sitting there blank for a bit. Then came the yellow and gold background.


It stayed like that for awhile, thinking it was going to be a giant chrysanthemum someday. Till suddenly I was inspired to take it out in my backyard and splatter, smudge, stencil, and even glitter my way to this finished piece! 


Why? Cause this seemed like just the thing I’d want to hang over my own bed. What a way to wake up every morning right? How could a person not be feeling like their “light is come” and “the glory shall rise upon them” seeing this big beautiful piece first thing?


So that’s my story, morning glories (another thing my Mum used to say).


Oh, and if YOU want your own Rise and Shine to greet you every morning shoot me an email, I’d love to create it with you!!






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