I recently was commissioned to create some chalk art pieces for our local summer concert series, which turned out to be a super fun event! How it all came about is a pretty neat story


As an artist, taking the opportunity to mess around with new types of media is essential to keeping inspired and actively engaged. Playing with different materials than we usually use is one of the ways to fan the flames of creativity. 


How was using chalk different than painting or creating murals? Well, I had to learn the best way to prep both the chalk itself and the ground (concrete or asphalt).


Turns out that soaking the chalk in water for a few minutes before use helps the colors stand out more vividly and adhere better to the asphalt. Dry chalk tends to blow away, even in a light summer breeze.

I also found out that smooshing the wet chalk down into the naturally occurring nooks and crannies in the pavement with my fingertips enabled me to spread the chalk out thicker and deeper. It was kinda like frosting a cement cake …and I’m pretty sure I rubbed off a few fingerprints too!


So what else was new? For this gig, the timeline was very tight, as opposed to being able to take my time in the studio for each painting.


I also got to be out in the public eye – literally right out in the street! While I’m used to working in front of large groups when creating murals in my Graphic Facilitation work, I’ve never worked on my fine art out in public. It was a vastly different experience than quietly painting in the privacy of my own studio.


After a few minutes I adjusted, mostly by relaxing into the work itself, and began to really enjoy myself.


This was super important, because not only were people just generally walking by during the event, but many kids came along and jumped right in as little ones are wont to do. As such I had to adjust my role from only “the artist” to more of a “facilitator of summer fun” by encouraging them all to express themselves by drawing or writing too. Even (especially!) the quiet, shy ones who hung back.


It was a good time for all, and I very much look forward to doing it again soon!! Click on the link to check out a little video from the event.


As a collector, have you invested in work your favorite artist created using very different types of media? Share about it in a blog comment below!!





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