Inspiration comes from everywhere! Everywhere? Yes, Ev-er-y-where! Even from the paintings I’ve already completed.


I’ve come to see that just like in science where one experiment we conducted spawned another 10 new experiments, such is life for me as an artist as well: for each painting (or mural as a Graphic Facilitator) that I complete there are at least another 10 ready to be created!


For example, the big new piece seen here, (New Beginnings, 24×48, oil on canvas) that I created for my recent art exhibition was inspired by another piece created onsite when I visited the ocean earlier this past year and was there on the cold sand in January just as the sun slipped up over the Eastern horizon and lit up the sky. 


My onsite painting (seen below) focuses more on an actual representation of the scene before me, including a lot of sand in the foreground and the wooden fence along the waterline. And of course it’s much smaller (only 16×24) which is simply more convenient for onsite work.



I created the larger piece for a couple reasons: because many folks who viewed the first one loved the sunrise portion of this piece; because I wanted to create a piece giving just the sunrise a lot more attention; and because I felt the need to challenge myself to create much BIGGER pieces.


Turns out I had to adopt a new technique too: using a palette knife covered a lot of canvas much more quickly than the brushes I had (and was much easier to clean up!) – yet another experiment within the experiment.


Just like in science, where we learned new methods and tried out new materials as we proceeded with each new experiment, I’m noticing the same applies with each painting too. Interesting to note how many similarities there are in these seemingly very different professional careers. 


For me, the inspiration just seems to keep on coming (read more about how this happens here) from all different sources.


I’m curious, where does your inspiration come from? From your previous work, from feedback and ideas offered by others …or something completely different? Let us know in a blog comment below!


XO Hannah



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