I recently wrote about where ideas for the paintings that are created thru my hands arise from (read blog on Where Does the Inspiration Come From?), but I forgot to mention that sometimes they just keep on coming!


What does one do with all this artistic escrow? How does an artist manage it, capture it, create it? Great questions that I’m figuring out myself by trial and error. 


These top two paintings are a couple pieces (Delight, 12in x12in, oil on canvas; and Torch, 48in x 24in, oil on canvas) that arose by my being drawn in to focus on smaller sections of the sunrise, and blow them out into their own paintings. 


By the way, the original painting that inspired these abstractions is New Beginnings (24in x 48in, oil on canvas), where you can see that the chunks of sunrise I’ve smeared onto their own canvas came from small slivers of this first piece. It’s interesting to see how something that started off as a pretty representational expression of an ocean sunrise has evolved into some pretty abstract pieces, don’t you think?




And then I became intrigued by what it would be like to be under the waves and rising up to meet the sky, as seen here in Surfacing (48in x 24in, oil on canvas). 


And this piece in turn inspired Coming Home (30in x 15in, oil on canvas) which is all about how we are being born from Source, going out into the world to live our lives of adventure all the while (if we are honest) most seeking to find our way back home. In this piece, the seeking is represented by yellow reaching from the bottom up to the thick juicy vibrating river of Source flowing along the top of this piece as it does thru all that is. 


At times (most of the time, honestly) I can’t yet keep up with the actual creation of all the works that come into my queue to be expressed in the world. This is why it’s essential to have a blank (no lines!) journal around at all times to draw out at least a quick sketch and maybe some key words to capture the concept before it disappears. 


And to thank the Inspirations for coming to me by heading over to my easel every moment that I can to get them out of my queue and into the world for you all to enjoy and in turn be inspired by yourselves!


By the way, all pieces shown here are still available, so if they call to you to be a part of your life, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, text or call to purchase ’em for yourself!






XO Hannah



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