This piece (Lotus Flower Bomb Red, 24″ x 48″, oil on canvas) was inspired by the Wale song “Lotus Flower Bomb” after attending his annual Wale and Friends New Year’s Day concert this year. What a way to kick it off!


…and I’ve been on a tear since then: this one painting has turned into a whole series that just seems to keep coming out of me. Sometimes the music just moves you, know what I mean?


I guess for most people the music moves them to dance. For me, the music inspires entire stories in my mind. I see bits and pieces of paintings, like little vignettes that float past my eyes. And then at some point they come together into a finished piece (at least in my head!)


Then I get myself over to the easel and bring it to life in the world. Even with a picture in my head and usually some sort of photo or sketch as reference, the painting herself evolves in ways that I couldn’t predict when beginning the process.


In this Lotus Flower Bomb Red piece, the background took on a life of it’s own, swirling here and there as it wished. The lotus flower came together in a bit more technical way, but still with a freedom and openness I’ve not previously experienced. 


Perhaps that’s why I’ve continued to explore this series. It’s not only a study in colors and shapes, but a study in the state of flow: of my ability to enter into and stay in creative and technical flow thru completion of the entire piece while adjusting to the demands of each particular section. 


Interesting that I used to dread writing about my paintings and murals, but now I’m actually looking forward to it as a source of great insight into myself and my working processes which I would not otherwise realize if not for this sitting down and thinking it thru in order to write something out to you! So thank you my friends for this opportunity to share not only my art work but how I work. I hope you enjoy both!


What are your experiences with being in the flow state (with or without music)? Let us know below in a comment!


XO Hannah



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