Ever had someone LOVE what you created… but not really know what it was? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the opportunity to swallow my pride and ask THEM what they think it is… and then be delighted at the answers and stories people share, it’s really quite extraordinary.


Honestly now I like to ask people what they see in my paintings BEFORE answering their questions of why I created it. 


It’s really interesting to hear how everyone connects to my work in different ways, whether it’s the shapes, colors, size, subject matter they literally see, a memory that’s evoked, or perhaps something intangible they can’t quite put into words like a mood, attitude or feeling experienced. 


Moment of truth: what do YOU think this painting is meant to be?


Cupcake? Ice cream cone? 


Actually it’s a seashell. Two of them to be exact.


Tiny little fragments of shells that I pocketed when wandering the beach. 


And then one day in my studio I was inspired to take these tiny little shell pieces, nestle them inside each other and blow them up BIG, bright and bold on canvas.


This painting is all done with a palette knife and A LOT of paint, which is part of the thick, frosting effect of a cupcake or ice cream cone. So along with the shape, I totally get why people would think that about this piece.


Creating this painting gave me great joy, lots of fun, and a cheerful warm feeling reminding me of time spent on the beach. So much so that I created a few more big bright beautiful shells too… click here to see them in my portfolio!


I hope you enjoy as much beauty, warmth and happiness seeing them as I did creating them!


XO Hannah


“Cupcake Shell”, oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″ x 1.5″ is available, call or email me to purchase if she would look good in your home or office!