The Daffodils smalls series is a week-long daily painting adventure that I embarked up on, both because I was inspired by the fresh early spring flowers blooming, and the ever-burning desire to improve my painting skills.

I’ll add too, that painting every day has become somewhat like brushing my teeth. Sure I can survive without it, but something feels off. Enough so that even on the days that I don’t feel like brushing my teeth, I still do it. And feel all the better for it.  

In this series, I’m attempting to capture the delicate beauty of newly blossoming daffodils as they open their paper-thin petals towards the bright spring sunlight streaming through my kitchen window.

As per the beauty of Springtime, this bright sunny light warms me while it’s still chilly enough for the snow to be intermittently falling outside. And sometimes more: at least one day was a full-on “snow day” where the local area shut down!

This series marks not only my first daily oil painting experiment, but also my first foray embarking into the world of deliberate still life setups.

In every series of paintings there are a few elements that an artist selects which hold the pieces together as a cohesive unit.

As you can see throughout the 6 daily paintings shown here (from #1 at the top thru #6 at the bottom),  in this series, the subject (daffodils) and it’s container (simple glass Mason jar), the size of the paintings (7″ x 5″), and the colors (the primary blues, reds, and yellows predominate) are the common aspects of this 


The heterogeneous elements between these 6 paintings include different color backgrounds and foregrounds, a the geometric compositional designs, a range of light sources, and the daffodils themselves being in various states of blossoming (from completely closed buds covered with thinnest papery shell to fully open blooms).

Obviously my color palette was the same, which I keep it quite simple in general: Windsor and Newton’s titanium white, French ultramarine, alizarin crimson, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow and cadmium yellow pale and Richeson’s asphaltum. 

Each day I created a still life design that delighted me enough to want to spend the rest of the day bringing it to life on the canvas.

While painting, I keep in mind my intention: to convey the joy, beauty and wonder that I experience in viewing these beautiful, delicate yet powerful little daffodils on my table. Not to mention the painting of them!

I’d love to hear from you: was this intention was fulfilled upon. Please leave me a blog comment below to let me know your thoughts! 

As each day and painting progressed, in just one week I noticed improvements in my ability to see what I was looking at, to accurately “draw” on the canvas (with less and less re-work to correct), to convey light and shadow correctly, to setup interesting still life designs, and to complete pieces in a timely manner. 

I will bring all these learnings forward into future works: many more ideas are already percolating or in the works inspired by this week spent with my beloved daffodils!

Meanwhile, I hope you bring one home to enjoy for yourself! 


These small but mighty pieces are a perfect way to bring a great big wallop of joy and beauty to your home or office space, either as a complete set of 6, or stand-alone.

Plus, they are always blooming: these flowers will never wilt and never need watering!


All 6 paintings are made with lots of love, in oil paint, on canvas, 7″x 5″x1.5″. 

You can purchase one (or the whole bunch!) from my portfolio

XO Hannah


Do you have a favorite flower that you would like to commission a painting (or series) for? Contact me today!

We’ll chat about your unique personal tastes and the location you want some fresh art for, and create something perfect just for you!