Painting a classic Jelly Donut was such a fun and fabulous challenge, that I hurried on back to Dunkin Donuts for more!


That day they had Apple Cinnamon and Bavarian Creme flavors freshly made, so those became my next subjects. 




I was intensely curious about how to handle the variations in these other flavors as compared with painting the Jelly Donut (read about that here).


With Apple Cinnamon, variables included: how to differentiate the soft filling from the flaky pastry; how to depict chunks of apple in the filling; and how to create a light dusting of cinnamon sugar on the crust. 


With Bavarian Creme, variables included: how to depict the pale creamy filling as distinct from the white plate and light pastry; distinguishing the warm yellow pastry areas around the creme filling; and how to illustrate the layer upon layer of flaky pastry in sections without any filling. Keeping a few elements consistent across all pieces provides the continuity essential in creating a cohesive series.


So while the new donuts themselves inherently provided these (and more) challenges, I kept some aspects similar, such as the composition where each donut is torn in half with one half leaning on the other; the filling oozing out the top half; the size and shape of the canvas; our viewing perspective of each donut; and the simplicity of all the backgrounds.


Putting together all the elements of this Filled Donut series has been way too much fun, while also expanding my creativity and artistic capacities. I couldn’t ask for anything more, except that perhaps YOU my dear viewers enjoy them with your eyes as much! 


Here are all 3 in the Filled Donut series (so far).


Feedback time y’all:

* Which one is your favorite flavor?

* Should I paint more of these?




Hit reply 



XO Hannah




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