My first profession was as a microbiologist. Any scientist worth their salt is constantly experimenting, and I believe this is the mark of any good artist as well. So, I guess that’s a double whammy for me (and don’t even get me started on my diet, sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle experiments hehe). 


So while I still love to create new artwork in the more traditional oil painting style, I’m always excited to learn new methods and play around with new materials. Sometimes they turn out to be a great fit and/or fill a need we have for a new project / style we’re developing so it’s an active search process. And sometimes we just fall in love with the look and feel of some materials or methods that we didn’t even know we needed or wanted yet! 


It’s been a little of both lately: I’ve been interested in using acrylic paint pens and learning about Posca pens from the extraordinary surf and sacred geometry artist Drew Brophy has been an exciting adventure. Click here to read about it in my original blog post. 


This time around working with Drew rather than a tutorial-style session, he took more of a mentorship approach: listening to who I am, what and how I work, and watching me in action, then offering insights and ideas based on his success (and learnings) as a thriving artist.


In watching me work with the Posca Pens for example, Drew noticed that I seem to get stuck and cramped when working too small in size. So he put me in a chair on wheels with no back (his art studio chair) which enables him to move around his studio when painting and also needing to sit down. Wow, what a big difference something seemingly small like this makes!


And seeing that increased movement made for me, as well as knowing the nature of my large-scale live mural work, he broke out his airbrush to give me the fine art methodology closest to that flow.


I think I’m in love!


Even then, Drew also noticed that when I refer back to my detailed sketch, complete with all my notes and references in an attempt to replicate that rendering in paint on canvas, the energy of what I’m creating now, in the moment is lost.


I become too distracted by perfecting some detail which slows down the vibrant, full energy of being in flow and just go with what naturally and organically comes to me in the moment. When working with this immediacy, the work feels and looks fresher and authentic. Even when the line / shape / object isn’t perfect, it feels TRUE.

So this session with Drew was definitely great to get a gander at a new (to me) method (yay airbrushing!). 


But perhaps even more importantly (because this info also informs my oil painting) it was a bigger picture perspective of my entire work flow. 


So now I am using my paper sketchbook to research the background behind ideas and information, to draw and refine in pencil the concept sketches, and make any other connections that arise from that meditative state. 


But then to set it aside and draw intuitively from all that wealth of knowledge while in the flow of creating a fresh new painting in the moment, live and real-time without pause / thinking / consideration: just in the zone with whatever words / colors / ideas come to me go thru me out my hand onto the canvas. 


Ahh, the freedom! 


The relief and sheer joy of just marking / drawing / writing down what next arises is very enlivening to me. As well as getting out into the world all these crazy ideas, pictures and connections that come together in my mind. 


I hope you enjoy the finished artwork as much as I enjoy the creating of it – let me know your thoughts in a blog comment below!


I’m calling this new series and style Sacred Biology Art. 


Do you think that name accurately describes it?


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XO Hannah