Believe it or not, I actually managed to take just one bite of each donut before painting it!


The sacrifices we make for our art, right?! 


But it was essential for the composition, so had to be done!


I had a great time playing around with positioning these once-bitten donuts in different “poses” on the same plate, creating related but distinct background shapes and colors with large pieces of construction paper, and situating the plate in such a way as to form interesting reflections on the teal glass table.  


The angular, almost abstract background turns out to be a good setting for the soft, round shapes of the flaky, frosted donut, the plate and even the sprinkles. 


This series was inspired by my recent Filled Donut series.

In this case I wasn’t necessarily after more filled donuts; rather just went with the flow of what my local Dunkin Donuts shop had freshly made that morning. 


I’m loving in a series: it’s now my normal M.O., and being the curios type, I’m always interested in new subjects and ideas so if you have any be sure to let me know!


Talk to me:

* Which one is your favorite?


* Should I paint more of these?


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XO Hannah


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Actually, speaking of VIP: do YOU have a favorite subject that you’d like to see painted? 


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