Sometimes I’m moved to paint the most unexpected things, so it’s important to keep my eyes open!

These two oil paintings were inspired by the cool morning light streaming in my kitchen window, creating beautiful highlights in, on and thru the breakfast pastry, silverware, butter and glass table there.  


I was already on a pastry-painting 

kick after the Filled Donut series and then the Sprinkled Donut pieces too, (see them all in my online gallery) so it turns out these are a natural follow-on. But I also (always!) took things to the next level as well, because these still-life compositions include added details, such as the background street scene that we see thru the window, the artwork on the walls, reflections in the glass table, light and shadows on the metal silverware, and a somewhat skewed viewing angle.


In this case I chose to depict all these elements, while also keeping them somewhat abstract in order to make the Croissant or Coffee Cake the main focus.


In fact, in some cases these background elements actually enhance the focus on our breakfast pastry!

For example, the knife and fork in Breakfast Croissant and Breakfast Coffee Cake, respectively, lead our eye into the painting towards the pastry. And the curve of the plate and frosted glass table draw our eye across the piece in the direction of the pastry too. 


In Breakfast Croissant, even the artwork on the wall draws our eye down into the painting. That blue and grey painting on the left wall is actually part of my Realistic Abstracts collection, making this the first time I’ve painted my own artwork into a new painting. Didn’t even think of this at the time (my attention was on the warm, flaky pastry!) but perhaps it could be fun to include in future paintings!


Your turn to share:


* Which of these paintings is your favorite? And why?

* What should I paint next? 


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XO Hannah



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