While recovering from my recent knee surgery I tried to channel Frida Kahlo and paint while laid up but it wasn’t until I was at least sitting in a chair that I really started to get my paint grove back.


And even then it was tough going: hard to focus ito feeling the creative flow while feeling so restless, stiff and in some pain.


Also, I wasn’t sure what to start with. So I just got going on what I was dealing with real-time: my knee surgery. Maybe Picasso was right about painting being a kind of visual diary?! 


I also started small (this series is composed of three 6 x 6 x 1.5 pieces) and simple (palette knife only, forcing me to be more bold and less perfectionistic). 


Each of these three paintings represents my three different knee surgeries. First, “ACLR1” shown at top, was my right knee: ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) replacement and removed a bit of cartilage.


Second, “ACLR2” shown in middle, was revision to right knee: ACL replacement and microfracture to stimulate new cartilage (contra-indicated recovery but worth it in the end!).


And finally, “ACLR3” shown at bottom, was my left knee: ACL replacement only. 


All three are available for purchase in my online gallery.


While I’ve had enough of the surgery life, it was fun to paint the grafts (even as out of it as I was while recovering)! So glad my orthopedic surgeons provided me with the references photos from surgery.


I’ve always loved human anatomy but until now only depicted it from the outside in. Could be something to investigate further: painting the human figure from the inside out?! 


I’ve had various reactions to these little knee graft paintings: from “eeewww, gross” to “wow, that’s cool!”, so am super curious what you think of them?!


Let us know in a blog comment below!


XO Hannah






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