Been exploring the Old Masters in Italy recently: am SO inspired to bring the spirit of Renaissance into my own work as a rebirth of sorts. Not “of sorts”, for real! Stay tuned for what emerges (I’m curious too!); and meanwhile see Instagram for my art adventures!

Speaking of re-birth, the first thing I saw upon returning home was this little Peace Lily plant who didn’t get enough water while I was away and thus was looking on death’s door, but miraculously re-birthed herself after a few days immersed in water – and lots of TLC from me!


In celebration of her extraordinary rejuvenation, I painted her portrait


Had so much fun working with a palette knife (only!) on this piece: it kept my energy feeling fresh fast and focused. Might be doing this more often! What do you think?


In fact, I will be doing this more often, because as I think back to the experience of painting this piece I recall starting with a great sense of excitement and enthusiasm that comes with initial inspiration.


Wanting to create quickly to get the ideas out on the canvas, I blocked it in with a loose pencil sketch and then scraped on colors with a palette knife.


I then switched to brushes to bring in a more refined realism. But after a bit noticed my energy flagging. In fact downright dragging compared to the high spirits in which I began!


I took a break: had a cup of tea, and considered what to do next. Standing there looking at my easel setup over the top of mug my tea in both hands, I noticed my palette knife off to the side.


A-ha! What if I went back to that tool instead of the brushes?! 


Indeed, this simple shift made ALL the difference: my approach shifted back into the excitement felt up on initially receiving the idea!


Have you ever had this kind of experience in your work? 


What did you do to fix it? 


Let us know in a blog comment below!


By the way: “Peace Lily” is available, so if you want this vibrant energy radiating off your own walls, purchase her from my online gallery or contact me directly!


XO Hannah



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