Besides the obvious (a glass of water), what do you see in this painting?


Drop your answers in a blog comment below.


I’m really curious, be cause this piece was meant to be a quick and simple study of water in a glass on a white tablecloth. 


It still is that, but it somehow also turned into a series of found shapes, almost like looking at the clouds on a summer day: there are skeletons, hearts, and an octopus easily identifiable in here. 


And of course the 2 different perspectives: do you see the glass half full or half empty?


For some reason, it felt right to call her Skeleton Tea, maybe because I see her shadow as the eye sockets of a skull, and her transparency as right down to the bone.


How does that land with you?  


Or are you much more straight-forward about it: just a water glass?


Either way, she’s available! Surf over to my gallery to add her to your own fine art collection today!!


XO Hannah