I recently started an initiative called 10,000 Beaches, which combines my love of painting with travel (especially to the beach!) and it keeps me on my toes scouting out new beaches to visit where ever I am in the world. 


To count as one of my 10,000 beaches, I must take a photo on the beach and complete a painting of the beach. A beach may have more than one photo or more than one painting, but they would be B, C, etc.

Since beginning this project, here are the beaches I’ve completed so far: 

Punta Perula, MX

Playa Rosa, Careyes MX

Siesta Key, Sarasota FL

Ben T Davis Beach, Tampa FL

Let me know in a blog comment below: Which one is your favorite so far? And why?


I have a few more currently underway… but am always taking suggestions, so drop a comment: What beaches should I visit next?!


BTW, all of my beach paintings are available in my gallery: surf over and claim your favorite today!!


XO Hannah