As you read, jot down your answers to these 4 questions:


1. How does this painting make you feel?


2. What do you see here?        


3. What do you now know?        


4. What questions do you have for me?


Now that you’ve taken a few minutes to form your own opinion, let’s walk thru the painting together! 

We’ll start right in the middle, at the red oval with gold center in her sacrum. This is the first of 
7 chakras, or energy centers, within the human body. As you can see in the figure, they begin at the bottom of our spine, and move up the spinal column to the crown of our heads.


Each chakra governs the surrounding tissues, where it’s resonant energy is responsible for organizing the space / atoms / molecules / cells / tissues / organs in a manner coherent with highest integrity to each other and the whole body / organism. 


As you can see in Blessings Beyond Our Energy Centers, these chakras exist in an overlapping series rising up the spinal column, which together encompass the entire body and this sum total is commonly referred to as our aura or kinetic sphere. 


Our energy centers each communicate intimately with their neighboring chakras and with the whole organism in order to best organize our entire body for optimal functioning and performance. 

At a most basic level, this means reproduction and survival of the species. But we are many millennia beyond that now, and in fact did so well that our presence threatens to overwhelm the planet we call home: Earth.


This brings us to the wave patterns you see swirling around the body. They are currents of energy / information flowing into and through our bodies to and from our somatic energy centers in communication with other organisms, including Earth. 


When our energy centers are fully aligned, we feel at ease, enlivened, joyful and free. 


When we are out of alignment in any of our energy centers, we experience disease (dis-ease), a malfunctioning of cells / organs because that area is out of balance with itself and the whole. 

Humans are so adaptable that we can quite quickly become accustomed to the dis-eased state, and consider it normal. But normalizing a dis-eased state does not make it normal. It just means we’ve acclimatized ourselves to it to the degree that we don’t recognize it as not normal.


We are now also experiencing this at a meta-level, with our planet Earth. She is showing us how out of balance we have become: all the disturbances in weather, viruses, etc., are a demonstration of her state of dis-ease.

Not only is this easy to see happening around us, but we can sense it energetically as well: our chakras extend farther than the internal somatic 7, including 0 in our feet, which is where we connect our human forms with Earth.


Grounding or Earthing is an essential information exchange point too, and the most common place for that to originally occur was the soles of our bare feet as we walked.


The more surface area, the better: laying down on the Earth, or immersing ourselves in natural bodies of water (oceans, lakes, rivers) increases contact and thus the effect, but as any massage therapist will tell you, our feet are uniquely constructed to be a representation of the entire body, so connection with just those bare body parts can send a vast array of communications through our entire organism to whatever part needs that upload or release.


Our energy centers extend far beyond our physical bodies, though I’ve only depicted few of them here in order to keep this first composition simple enough to manage for my initial endeavor.

The ones you do see are a depiction of our 4th chakra (green, heart), our 5th chakra / voice (the gold circles radiating from her throat center), our 6th chakra (ultramarine blue, pineal gland) and our 7th chakra (purple, pituitary gland). 


Information flows into and out of them in a 3D fashion, so imagine this flow going all the way around her body. 


The vertical pink current is how we are grounded: both internally into our bodies up through the soles of our feet (chakra 0) as well as snaking up and down thru our bodies in a sine-wave pattern.

Now having all that background info, let’s review your answers to those first 4 questions. 


* Were your feelings and observations similar or different than my notes (there’s no right answer)?

* If different, how so?

* Are all your questions answered?

If not, ask them in a blog comment below!

* And finally, what do you want to see / know next from me?!






Let me know all that and anything else you’re moved to share in a blog comment below!!


XO Hannah


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Just for fun, a little behind the scenes scoop for you: Blessings Beyond Our Energy Centers is my first attempt at visually depicting in fine art format a coherent integration of my somatic experiences with the information that comes into my mind during meditation. 

Thus, this piece is a self portrait, in the way that she represents me illustrating my own experiences. (
As well as the fact that I used my own nude body as the figure model for this painting: with stay-at-home orders in effect, I was my only available model!)

My goal is to show how energy flow works, in general, and it just so happens that I am using myself to demonstrate these concepts. This seems natural to me, as all great artists and scientists applied theories by experimenting on themselves first!

But she is also not at all a self portrait, because she represents ALL women!! As such, I made her skin color much darker than my own, so she is representative of ALL the beautiful colors of our skin. 


What are your thoughts on that idea and practice?



What I listen to when painting is an essential component to creating a flow state conducive to accessing and expressing here-to-for unrealized ideas, information and assimilations.


In this case, I often listened to Dr Joe Dispenza’s Blessing Our Energy Centers guided meditation, which provided me with an ideal auditory environment and inspired her name!