Orgasm Art Series

My Orgasm Art series began as a 30-Day Devotion to discovering my Divine Feminine, and encouraging her to flourish and flow within and through me.


I wanted to be in sync with her bodily systems and innate intuition, to tap the source of creativity and pour it forth through me into my life and art, and encourage myself to greater enjoyment in daily life by focusing on how much pleasure I could let in (vs how much pain I could tolerate).


Consistent daily habits are the best way to learn new languages and skills, which was precisely my desire: to learn the language and skills of my own body!!


So I embarked on having an orgasm each day. It’s way more important for your health than having an apple a day!!


During the first 30 days I experimented with finding the ideal setting and circumstances for relaxing into orgasmic bliss, including what I was listening to, looking at, wearing, the temperature, and mirrors, to name a few. 


I also wanted to create a visual depiction of how the orgasm felt in my body, as a way to tap into my creative sexual energy (all sexual energy is creative, for making babies or any other new life!!). And to learn to trust my artistic intuition (to paint by feel rather than strategically thinking my way through a painting; to enter a flow state).


During this past week of the 2021 inauguration, I was inspired to take up this daily orgasmic art practice again to bring in an #OrgasmicInauguration, as per this post on Instagram. 


While at the inauguration (so moving!!), I was inspired to continue this #OrgasmArt series through the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris era. That means every day for the next 100 days, I’ll be having an orgasm, painting it & posting it!!⁣ 🎨💦 Yay / yikes!!  


Follow my journey on Instagram and Twitter, as well as my online art gallery, where I’ll be posting my juicy Orgasm Art pieces fresh daily!! And there’s a deeper dive available in my private gallery too!! 


Someday soon I look forward to in-person events again,  where we can have an entire exhibition, be completely surrounded by orgasmic artwork!! Wouldn’t that be absolutely divine?! 


An in-person exhibition would also be wonderful so you can see them up close (there are lots of subtle details in each piece). If you know of any great gallery spaces where that dream can become a reality, let me know!!⁣


Wouldn’t that be magical, an entire room full of orgasms, as far as the eye can see?! Ooooiiii, that’s getting me turned on all over again 😁 Good thing, ’cause I’ve got quite a few more orgasms and artwork to go through #thefirst100days of the Biden-Harris era!!⁣


I’d absolutely love for you to join me in this frisky, high vibe fun!! 


You can:⁣

🎨 Claim one of my paintings, see them all in my public art gallery

🎨 Enjoy the orgasmic inspiration for that painting, jump into my private OnlyFans gallery.

🎨 Have an orgasm & paint it!!⁣ Post your painting to your social media & tag me on Instagram or Twitter, I’ll share it!!⁣

🎨 Read my article about the 10 benefits of sex!!⁣ That’s where I lay out the case for an orgasm a day rather than an apple a day as one of our essential health care habits.⁣ 💦>🍎

🎨 Want to be doing what you want all day every day and getting paid well for it?! Invest in your 1:1 or Mastermind coaching spot with me, I’ll help you shift your life to exactly that!!


Are you in for (or should I say up for 😉) joining me? Comment below!⁣

XO Hannah⁣⁣⁣⁣



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