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Hannah Fine Art Artist Bio

Update: I’ve gone global! Read all about it on my Press page for my exclusive NY Post article, features in Barstool Sports, Canada Pharmacy OnlineOutkick, the International Business Times, and via Stryker and Klein on KROQ-FM. And stay current with me via real-time updates on Instagram and Twitter! xo Hannah


As you can see in my visual bio, my professional career was first spent on the inside of a laboratory making vaccines, including work on HIV/AIDS at Harvard Medical School, emerging viral pathogens at the National Institutes of Health (NIH, NIAID) and anthrax at Emergent BioSolutions.

Yet as valuable and rewarding as my public health career was, I was fundamentally unsatisfied in having my scientific work as my only creative expression. There was so much of the world and my own experiences in it that were not yet being expressed, so it seemed as if my real life was passing me by!

To begin to address this, I turned to my longtime love for art: I started drawing and painting. First in watercolors then in oils too.

My intention was to visually capture the essence of my experience of the world around me and myself in it in such a way that you feel it, get it and own it too.


To do so, all my paintings include realistic details, but I also leave a fair amount to your imagination.

This is because I want you to be fully engaged!

To be curious, to wonder why, to ask questions.

To discover which parts of my paintings you deeply resonate with, and which parts you don’t.

To draw from all your own stories, experiences, beliefs and emotions to really feel into the work.

By integrating your own stuff into your experience of my work, it’s my hope that you too can understand your own self and the world around you much better. All aspects: intuitively in your gut, somatically in your body, emotionally in your heart, intellectually in your brain and spiritually in your soul (and beyond…)

And that in the process of engaging, of diving in, of participating fully, you now own it. It’s now your painting, because you are now a co-creator!

However deep or not you want to go on any given day with any given painting is up to you!!

Sometimes that means to just be with it.  With lightness, at a surface level. And to know that your ideas and interpretations about my artwork make it uniquely yours just as much as anyone else viewing it and mine in creating it!

Ready to claim your full ownership?

Yes, I’m referring to owning my original paintings for yourself! And I’m saying that by taking it to the levels I’ve laid out you’ll also take full ownership of your whole life!!

Let’s start with the Original Paintings: go to my Gallery and claim yours today!

Or Commission a new one for yourself, a loved one or to give away!

If you like my Visual Bio and want to uniquely display your own professional career(or any other story), Connect with me on that today, I’d love to create one just for you! 

ModelingAnd if you’re eager to claim full ownership of your life, to create your (and the) world exactly as you desire it to really be, with full self-expression and no holding back: claim your coaching spot with me now!

So many juicy options to choose from, right?! Guess what, you get to have them ALL!!

Yes, you really do. God and the Universe – and YOU by the way – didn’t have you here and now to settle, play small or sit on the sidelines. You do get to have everything you want, and more!!

If you already know that, dive right in to my Gallery to nab your new painting then Commission a new piece and your visual bio!

If not, jump all over that coaching link to secure your spot today!

Your only regret will be waiting one more minute / day / week / month / year… don’t let that happen ever again: move on it now, while you’re inspired!

Contact me today!

XO Hannah