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Great news my friends: I’m offering custom prints of my original paintings!

This provides you with lots more options: you can request a print made of my paintings at up to 3x the size of the original, at a price point much lower than an original painting of that size.

For example, the original Jelly Donut is 12″ x 12″, perfect for a relatively small sized wall space. But if you have a much larger wall space to fill (such as over your master bed, over the couch in your living room, or those big bare walls in your office spaces), you can request a Jelly Donut print up to 36 x 36 to fit that space!

How does it work?

I have high resolution scans made of my original paintings. From those electronic files, we can create for you an archival quality gallery-wrapped print on canvas. It is then varnished to protect from uv light / sunlight, so the colors will stay fresh.

If you are local I can deliver it in person (depending on the print size, as you can see my vehicle has a size limitation!), or we’ll ship it to you either via FedEx in a custom fine-art box or thru a dedicated fine-art shipping service with white-glove service (they ensure it arrives perfectly preserved and will unpack it for you when onsite).

So if you have a large wall space that would look good with some big, bold fine art, here’s what to do: 

1. Take a stroll thru my portfolio for all original paintings.

2. Select the ones you love most.

3. Check if the original is available and the right size for your wall space. If so, “buy now”! 

4. If it’s not available or if you want a bigger version, send me an email with the painting name and the size you want made into a custom print (it can be up to 3x the original listed in my gallery).

5. Hang that baby right where you want it in your home or office. Step back and drink it all in with your eyeballs and feel your big juicy heart swell.

6. Share your love for this new addition to your family by sending me a photo with your new piece, and/or post it on social media!

Ready to commission a custom print for your home or office space, for a loved one, or a corporate give-away?

I’d be delighted to do that, just for you! Connect with me today with which one you want, in what size!

XO Hannah