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Our bodies are walking, talking Works of Art!

As you can see I’ve been having a lot of fun using my own body to create joy, beauty, and a glimpse beyond… just as much as in my paintings. Enjoy the selection you see here!

Are you enjoying viewing these as much as I enjoyed creating them?

Let’s work together! Book me for your next photoshoot! 

As you can see I dive all the way into my work. It really doesn’t feel like work, more like playing all day!

 Can’t wait to co-create with you too! Got questions? Contact me

Ready to move forward now? 

Like what you see here? There’s lots more of me available!

It’s here that you’ll find my most stimulating body art, sure to arouse and excite you in every way! 

Yes, I do mean sexually. And, emotionally, mentally and spiritually too! Because the best sex includes ALL those aspects, and more! Read about that in my Benefits of Sex article. 

And if you’re 18+, c’mon in to see what I mean first-hand…