Are you physically drained at the end of every day working hard and long hours but not doing work that truly fulfills you?


Do you feel confident about making moves but then find yourself doubting or second-guessing your decisions?


Do you know you are capable of expressing far more creativity in your personal and professional life but are not sure how to tap into it? Or have seen glimpses of it but want to lock in a sustainable daily practice of it?


Can you achieve orgasmic bliss but it feels hit-or-miss? Some days you don’t even bother trying because it takes a long time and isn’t guaranteed?


Do you want to be profoundly loved, supported and deeply penetrated by the perfect life partner for you but they haven’t yet arrived?


Do you know deep down that you’re worthy of living a life saying and doing just exactly what you want to great celebration and rich reward because you’re in acting in alignment with your highest and best self, but want to tap into a continuous source of courage to go for it?


Welcome to Paint Your Pleasure, where you will learn:

🎨💦 How to Prioritize Your PLEASURE, rather than how much pain you can tolerate!


🎨💦 How to Celebrate Your SATISFACTION along the way, not just at the final outcomes!


🎨💦 How to Maximize Your MAGNETISM and actualize far more that by just efforting your way thru to results.


🎨💦 And how to Focus Your FLOW for a fun, frisky experience and unprecedented outcomes rather than forcing it!


Delivered in 4 distinct weekly modules, with custom hand-illustrated visuals like you see here!

Over the course of 5 weeks together, we’ll have plenty of time for both understanding and practical application of the material so you can fully embody it all, including:


🦋 Harnessing the super powers of your pussy!


🦋  Identifying and integrating the best daily practices for YOU!


🦋 Owning your inherent worth and value!


🦋 Honoring your body’s inherent intuition and wisdom!


🦋 Surrendering, with sovereignty. Meaning how to fully let go, while also having clear boundaries.


🦋 Awareness and expression of your gifts to the fullest!


🦋 Creating anything you desire to manifest via a daily diet of orgasms and artwork!


I can’t wait to share with you all the deliciousness I’ve learned during my daily Orgasm Art practice! 


Integrating orgasms and art along with all the juicy details I’ll reveal in the course has empowered me to an exclusive article in a national newspaper, creating my most radiant modeling / body art and OnlyFans content, coming to know my body intimately so I can orgasm easily alone and/or with my partner, actualizing my best looking and feeling physique ever, calling in my ideal man / Monster who loves and supports my every move (and encourages me to more!), and grossing over $100K annually on my art forms now that I’m in my right work! 


Ready to have all the things YOU dream about for your self and your life?


Jump in today! You can choose from 3 juicy options:


YES! ⚡️Entire Paint Your Pleasure course with my personal support in our private Paint Your Pleasure Facebook group, for just $333 🌸 Claim your “spot” 😉 today!


HELL YES!! ⚡️⚡️Entire Paint Your Pleasure course with my personal support in our private Paint Your Pleasure Facebook group, AND a live weekly Q&A Zoom call, for just $667  🌸 🌸 Claim your “juicy spot” 😉 today!


OMFG HELL YES!!!  ⚡️⚡️⚡️Entire Paint Your Pleasure course with my personal support in our private Facebook group AND a live weekly Q&A Zoom call AND a live 1:1 Zoom call with me, for just $999  🌸 🌸 🌸 Claim your “extra juicy spot” 😉 today! 


How it works: 

This course is currently held completely online. The 4 modules plus introduction are ~60 minutes each recorded for you and are delivered each week on a Monday. Our live Q&A calls are that same week on Thursday. This gives you a few days to digest the material, get into it and come with any celebration stories or stops (just as important: they show us access to where we can do our most valuable inner work!) 


Your enrollment in Paint Your Pleasure gives you unlimited replays and lifetime access to course updates. Meaning anything I add to this course in the future you automatically also receive!

The next Paint Your Pleasure cohort will begin in June 2021. 


If you have any questions, email me!

xo Hannah