How a Microbiologist Is Turning Orgasms into Art for Stress Relief” is a fantastic article discussing the science behind my Orgasm Art series, with a focus on the stress-reduction benefits of both orgasms and art: read the whole piece HERE!! 

It’s publication is perfect timing: April is Stress Awareness Month! 


My habit of having an orgasm a day then painting what it felt like in my body has many health benefits, including stress reduction: orgasms lower blood pressure, release endorphins, improve sleep, immunity and more. Read the details in my article all the 10 Benefits of Sex

A daily art habit is also very healing, as you’ll learn more about in Carrie Borzillo’s CPO article. I appreciate how she expanded on my Orgasm Art practice by including great references and suggestions: can’t wait to try Orgasmic Yoga!  

In my case this habit of painting my orgasms has resulted in a high-vibe collection of Orgasm Art! Lucky you, it’s available to juice up your existing fine art collection. Claim your favorite pieces HERE

Or start a fine art collection if you don’t yet have one. This week I’m sending out an Orgasm Art piece to a new collector who is just beginning his collection with one of my orgasmic art paintings🎨💦 It just doesn’t get any more high-vibe than that at the beginning of any endeavor!


Here’s a sneak peek at the article. You’ll definitely want to read the whole thing! And ideally, join me: have an orgasm, paint it and post – I’ll share your art!


xo Hannah